Art and Robotics

After the success of Art Science Technology ROBOTICS of 2016, aware of the unstoppable expansion of robotic reality, we intend to re-propose the topic in a wider and deeper key, transforming the event into a Festival of Art and Robotics. The project aims to be an observatory of what happens in the world of science, technology and art, in the perspective of a common, constant innovation, in the challenge of a post-human future.

Digital Nature

Digital Nature. This is the title of the first edition of “Robotics | Festival of Art and Robotics “. It is inspired by the tendency, practiced in art as in science, especially medical, to merge organic systems, that is vital to digital / technological systems, that is artificial, in view of a symbiotic coevolution necessary for accelerated adaptations to new environmental scenarios, and consequently for a strengthening of human capabilities.

Research and didactics

In the multiplicity of forms undertaken today by robotics, human replica certainly appears particularly impressive, taking also into account the historical, literary, mythological precedence from ancient aspiration to automatism. With the construction of artificial intelligence in continuous development, beyond the already surprisingly “humanized” physical appearance, today we aim at the acquisition of feelings and emotions, to paraphrase in all and for all the complicated machine-man.

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Festival Robotics

Seven days at the end of November 2018, in Trieste - European Capital of Science 2020. In the newly rebuilt area of Porto Vecchio and with events taking place in schools, universities and galleries in Trieste. With the involvement of: Companies, Artists, Research Institutes, Schools. And with a Preview in Mexico City, September 2018.

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